Apply for Affiliate Status with the No.1 Translation Market


Apply to be an online affiliate with the number one translation market in Thailand is the translation market website of Thailand where customers are able to upload files for translation. Translation specialists from Thailand and overseas can then propose their translation prices and the translation work can be undertaken immediately. Therefore, there are a lot of people interested in our translation service, so we have developed an Affiliate Program to be an exciting choice for website owners who are seeking additional income by attaching a link to When you apply to become an online affiliate, you can see your remuneration report, clicking statistics, and all our promotions and news about our services.

Why you should join our Affiliate Program

1. Free of charge.
2. Participants can earn up to 5% of sales remuneration.

3. Remuneration can be withdrawn with a minimum withdrawal of 1,000 Baht.

4. Remuneration reports can be checked at any time.

5. This is a great opportunity to earn a high income as translation of all languages is essential for both education and the economy. Our jobs are priced from a few hundred baht up to tens of thousands of baht for large projects, so the potential exists for high earning levels – and higher incomes will of course allow faster withdrawals.

6. is the translation market that has translators from all over the country who can provide quick, high quality services for customers, so you can be assured that customers who follow your suggestions will be impressed by this translation service.

Qualification of the Affiliate Program participants

1. People who have a website/ web blog which enjoys high daily visitor traffic;however, the website should not contain illegal or immoral content.
2. People who do not have a website can also participate in our program by publishing our link in other channels, such as posting on public web boards, inviting friends through e-mail, MSN, Hi5, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, the websites or channels must not contain illegal or immoral content.
If you wish to participate in our program, just click "Agree to terms" to activate the Affiliate Program.

Sales remuneration
- 5% when a customer clicks and orders any translation of documents through your link.

Sales remuneration withdrawal
You can withdraw your sales remuneration to your registered bank account whenever you choose. The minimum withdrawal is 1000 baht and you will be responsible for any necessary bank fees yourself.

Interested in participating in our Affiliate Program, please click!!click here