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About PASA24.COM

We are the translation center with high standards and we are highly recognized by our customers. We have accumulated and developed language service experience over the last 10 years and our services are trusted by our customers. Pasa24 Limited Partnership launched the official Pasa24 Website in 2015 to start providing online translation service. We offer an excellent standard of work with quick turnaround times, emphasize on customer-focus, manage quality control, and give excellent service through our service-providing officers.

We work with numerous repeat customers, including small and international organizations made up of government agencies, academic institutions, private agencies, and the general public. Our company is recognized as a highly flexible and quality translation center.

Our language translators are experts and undergo extensive testing. We also have native translators available for translation and to give professional advice. In addition, we have a friendly and helpful customer support unit and an IT support team of program developers to continuously develop our procedures. Accordingly, our system is modern and convenient for customers to use our service, and all information and document are safe and handled with strict confidentiality. All customers can trust that our service is high quality, professionally managed, and at reasonable prices.

We are a market leader of translation services, and we also act as a stage for translators to express their language skills.

For “customers”, we offer translation services in a variety of languages. Customers may choose the translators they want and set a suitable translation period. Customer demands are then promptly responded by translators who are capable and interested in translating the work. Therefore, our service users can be assured by our convenience, affordable, and high-quality translation service.

For “translators”, we believe that many translators with translation proficiency still lack stages for expressing their capability. Our language translation website provide opportunity for such translators to apply for working with us, albeit with a few limitations such as limiting the quantity of their ongoing work so that they can invest all their effort to create quality translations. Accordingly, translators have the chance to work freely from home without having to work only in offices or specified locations. Our payment system pays translators through the bank transfer at the middle and at the end of every month.

We shall not stop at this point, but we will continue to further develop our language translation services to cover more languages in all disciplines and professional areas. We are ready to respond to demand for language services that can satisfy all our service users.

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