About Pasa24


About PASA24.COM

The website was created initially as the translation market for Thailand. It continues to be operated and managed by the two co-founders and was registered as Pasa24 Limited Partnership under the commercial registration number 0423558000206.

We are the translation market for both customers and translators.

1) Customers: We provide service in various languages. Customers can specify the translators, set the delivery date they want, and obtain fast and reasonable quotes offered by skillful translators. The foundation of Pasa.24.com prioritized convenience as the primary objective. Customers are assured of the greatest convenience in both the translation service and the transfer of payments.

2) Translators: We believe that there are many skillful translators who have experience in language translation but who lack the central marketplace which would allow them to utilize their skills as either full-time translators or part-time freelance translators to increase their income and to provide certified translations for customers. One limitation for translators who work for traditional translation service centers is that they do not have the freedom to set their own prices or to manage the quantity of work that they wish to do. Therefore Pasa.24.com has been founded to create a new opportunity for translators. They can work at home flexibly via their internet connection with the freedom to work and earn as much as they choose. Our payment system ensures that we transfer money for completed work on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Mr.Anoorak Promkotka (Founder)


Mr.Thawatchai Yothapan (Co-Founder)