Abstract Translation Service




Abstract translation service by professional translators who graduate from the top universities of Thailand, including with being translation experts deeply in details and having translation experience in high standard: For all translation work pieces, a center is a satisfaction guarantee on every detail of the work and also the outstanding of the translation center highlighted as important, unlike the others, it is the standard of translation quality which is completed, punctual and affordable. Moreover, customer satisfaction is guaranteed because we always realize that it is the key to do this.

"Due to research abstract is the highlight of research and theses that you do research, study and spend time with efforts. You should look for translators who are reliable when the abstract is needed to be translated;including with having the translators who understand and translate the job correctly and need to be completed just one time without revising.”

Pasa24.com is willing to give you services on abstract translation and urgent translation to support translating with good standard. Therefore, there are various groups of customers such as students, researchers and teachers to use our services. We guarantee customers’ satisfaction and always concern the center to have good quality.

Why do you need to use our service?

1. Just upload files;supported all formats like pictures/pdf/doc/docx/.exl. etc to encourage translators to offer the price and time.

2. When translators offer you the price and time on working, you can check and see their backgrounds and pieces of work before choosing one of them to get the job.

3. Pay money via various ways and there is the system to notify if it is over the price or even cancel the order so that it will be re-order again.

4. Be able to talk, follow up the work with translators directly, and even cancel it if the translator does not submit it back.

5. Be able to inform to revise and give feedback about the work.

!!!Don’t forget!! Upload files with us today;you will know that abstract translation is not too difficult for us to do. Let’s click!!!