Terms and Conditions in Applying for Freelance Translators with Pasa24.com


Terms and conditions in applying for freelance translator with Pasa24.com

1. Your bid shall include 30% for the website support and services fee. This means that if you propose your bid for 100%, you will receive 70% (Note: the mentioned balance excludes 3% withholding tax when the money is transferred to the translator).

2. Fill out the form with complete information, especially your real name and surname, identification number and address. The company clearly states on the translator application form which information will be shown to the customer;therefore translators do not have to worry about their personal details being released or published to third parties. The company considers translators’ privacy to be a high priority.

3. You should perform the best possible translation on your assigned translation document and must submit the work on time. Under no circumstances should you use tools which assist with the translation. Please note that if the customer is not satisfied, or wishes to cancel your services, you will not receive payment for that particular piece of work.

4. You should be prepared to make changes to your work according to the customer"s request. However, if you believe that your work is already of a suitably high standard you can resolve any disputes via our Quality Assurance Department through pasa24.com@gmail.com, so that we can assist you in discussing the matter with the customer.

5. If you encounter difficulties which prevent you from submitting your work on time as agreed, you must inform the customer of a cancellation or postponement at the earliest possible stage, within 1-2 days from the date the work was assigned.

6. If you do not perform in accordance with the terms and conditions you will receive an official warning. After receiving 3 warnings, Pasa24.com will cancel your status as a translator, and you will no longer be able to receive translation work.

7. After you click "Read and agree with terms and conditions", this confirms that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, as well as the benefits, in applying to become a freelance translator with Pasa24.com. When you submit your application and you are approved, it means that you are ready to show your information to the customers. If at any stage you wish to cancel your application or do not wish to have your information made available to customers, please send an email to our service department to have your information deleted from our system.

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Published on 25 December, 2014