Book Translation Service




Book translation Service

Are you looking for book translation services?

Here is the center for professional translators around the country, who are ready to begin your work as soon as you approve it. Your book translation request can be processed easily. Just upload your translation file to the system once. Then, the system will inform you of a price estimate immediately. Translators who are interested in the work will bid, based on the estimate given by the system, as well as provide a completion date for the translation. You can then view the bids and choose the translator you want according to your specifications and depending on your budget.The difficulties faced when looking for a service to translate books include:

1. There are large costs because a book has many pages, regardless of whether it is in English or Thai.

2. Inquiries and estimates to translation centers for books must be sent in multiple files because of their large sizes. This makes it inconvenient and time-consuming. Besides, not all services will even reply to you. If they reply, it may not be within your required timeframe. understands these problems well, using them to plan and devise an online translation system that supports multiple page translation. We have translators around Thailand for many languages and a 24-hour system, so we are always ready to reply to your inquiry.

Then, just pay the fee and confirm the work. Our system will keep following up with the translators to ensure the best possible quality translation, on time and as required.