Evidence of Business/ Company Entity translation and legalization services



Evidence of Business/ Company Entity translation and legalization services

- Translation of company certificates, company objectives, Memorandum of Association and minutes of meetings, etc.

- Translation of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and income statements of all types

- Translation of various kinds of company forms

** Why many users use and trust our translation services **

- Our translation services website focuses on content translation with quality standards. Our translators pride themselves on achieving nothing less than accurate and professional results. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

- Various types of translation and legalization services with experience and professionalism, which has been performed for many years

- Translation services into and from English, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations

- The team is focused on service and quality translation work. We monitor the work and the satisfaction of our users on a regular basis. Our service concerns are based on providing customer satisfaction.

- We check official terminology and update databases continuously. There is no need for concern about whether the document has any wrong meaning from the original content.

“We can translate quickly and correctly, guaranteed and certifiable.”

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