Chinese translation and legalization services



Chinese translation and legalization services by the leading translation center with expert translators for document submission to the Embassy

Welcome to our Chinese Translation Center, where you can make online translations and order services 24 hours per day. We have professionals who can translate documents for our customers quickly and at affordable prices. We have divided our Chinese Translations into 3 options, including:

1. Chinese Government Document Translation such as House Registrations, Identification Cards, Driving Licenses, Birth/Death Certificates, Certificates of Name Change, Marriage Certificates, Divorce notifications

2. Chinese Education related Document Translation such as certifications, diplomas, transcripts and others.

3. Chinese Business/Company related Document Translation such as company registration certificates, objectives, memorandums of association, minutes of meeting reports, salary certifications, marketing, advertising, etc.

Why should you use our translation and legalization services?

- We are a leading translation company with a quality Chinese translator network. We have a partner translation company that is ready to legalize any types of translated documents with quick action and service.
- We have a professional translation team who are ready to translate your documents and submit those translated documents to customers quickly.
- For the Chinese language, we also provide translation services into other languages such as Thai- English, Japanese and Korean.
- We provide Free EMS by mail to customers all over the country, complete with an EMS Track and Trace number provided immediately after sending.

* We also have a document submission service to the Embassy for customers who do not have time to file on their own. We are the best choice, filling your translation and legalization service needs for any type of document, with the convenience of transfer directly to the customer. When you come here, we guarantee that you get more than what you pay.


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