Chinese authorization document translation with legalization services



Chinese authorization document translation with legalization services


Our translation center would like to present the Chinese authorization document translation service, from Chinese to Thai or other languages, by a special language translation expert. Additionally, we provide a legal certification service for the translated document for Visa applications and Consular visits, including all required legalized documents for Visa submission to a consulate or embassy.

When transactions that require a physical presence are carried out, such as monetary deposits, transfers or withdrawals, as well as any work involving face-to-face contact with an organization, sometimes the owner or principle party is unavailable or unable to keep the appointment personally. In such cases, a legal Power of Attorney or Authorization letter shall be submitted by a representative in order to allow that person to act in the best interests of the owner or principle in all matters detailed by the document. This can reduce time, increase the speed of transactions and provide comfort in complex work operations.

For Powers of Attorney or authorization letters, our center focuses on every detail, from the dates, name of the company, name of authorizing person and name of representative, as well as any specific conditions that may exist within a document. If there are errors in translation, whether partly or in whole, there is the potential for severe damage. For example, the authorizing person"s name must be spelled correctly because if it is misspelled or misinterpreted, it is useless for any representative to use and makes it possible to be used in the wrong way and not for the target application. In such cases, our center has expert translators with experience in the specific terms and vocabulary written in these documents. Moreover, we will not disappoint you because of any mistakes.

Our translation team understands the problems faced by translation customers and are ready to provide services for all Chinese authorization documents because we realize the importance of these documents. Therefore, we are the answer for those who need Chinese Translations or any other translations with quality, timeliness and legal certification of accuracy from experts at a trustworthy company.

* We also have a document submission service to the Embassy for customers who do not have time to file them on their own. We are the best choice, filling your translation and legalization service needs for any type of document, with the convenience of transfer directly to the customer. When you come to us, we guarantee that you get more than what you pay.

We guarantee your satisfaction on translation work, which can then be legally certified for accuracy by our experts, so it can be used immediately for any purpose.

Only our center can provide exceptional quality work with appropriate prices and respond quickly to your needs.

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