Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1.What should customers do if they require translation services?
Answer: The customers can upload their documents into the system and describe the details and conditions for the job so that translators can offer their prices.

2.When will customers receive quotes for their jobs?
Answer: Once the job has been uploaded, customers can preview the price offers as they arrive in real time. They can also observe the number of translators whose status indicates they will be offering a price. The customer can also decide how long to keep the bidding process open before accepting any offer.

3.How do customers choose the right translator?
Answer: First the customers can preview the offered prices from the translators. They can then consider these prices along with the proposed deadline for completing the work, and can also see some of the translators’ previous work and their educational and professional qualifications and background. Taking all of these factors into consideration, the customer can then select the translator they feel most comfortable with to begin the work immediately.

4.How are payments processed?
Answer: Once the translation job has been assigned to a translator, the system will wait until the customer has made the payment before instructing the translator to begin work. Payments can be made through two channels:
4.1) Bank transfer to the bank account information in the system.
4.2) PayPal transfer.

When the full payment has been transferred, customers must confirm the payment by clicking the “confirm payment” button informing the system of the date of transfer, the amount transferred and the payment method used. The ordering status will then be changed so that the translator will receive the email instruction to start work immediately after has confirmed receipt of payment.

5.How can customers know whether the translator is carrying out the translation or nor after the payment is confirmed?
Answer: The translation report can show the processing status at the system’s translation room, so customers can inquire about the progress or provide additional information to the translator about the project.

6.How do customers follow the progress of the translation?
Answer: Customers can visit the translation room and use text messages to find out about the progress of the job in the message box provided.

7.Can customers extend the deadline for their translation jobs?
Answer: We place great value upon providing the best quality translations by using only the services of real translators, without applying any other translation tools or software. However, while this approach gives the best results in terms of quality, real translators are only human and may occasionally request additional time in order to complete the work to the high standards that we expect. If this happens, the translator must inform the customer as soon as possible, and at least 1-2 days in advance of the deadline via the message box. If the customer considers the delay acceptable, the customer may click the “time extended” button.

8.What happens if the translator cannot finish the work on time?
Answer: The customer has the right to cancel the translation assignment if the translator is not able to finish the work by the deadline agreed. In cases where the customer has been inquiring about the progress of the translation several times, but translator has not responded, the customer has the right to reject the translator and reopen the job for bidding. The translator would receive a warning: upon receiving three warnings, the translator would be barred from using the system in the future.

9.How will the completed translation be received?
Answer: Customers can receive the completed translation by clicking on “completed order”. If the document still requires editing, they can send a text via the message box to the translators. When the customer is satisfied with the work, they can click the “accept/close” button to confirm acceptance and to rate the work of the translators.

10.What is the process for re-editing work?
Answer: Customers can notify the translators immediately by chatting through the message box. It is also possible to make inquiries by contacting the office.

11.Can the customers provide feedback (positive or negative) about the translation service they receive?
Answer: Customers are welcome to provide their opinions after the order has finally been closed. We appreciate all feedback and use it to make improvements to our services whenever possible.

12.How are potential problems resolved to ensure customer satisfaction?
12.1 In the case of a translation not being received on time as agreed, customers have the right to cancel the translation, reopen the project for bidding and select a new translator.
12.2 If a project has been paid for, cancelled and then re-opened for bidding, the system will retain the payment and use it as payment for the customer’s re-opened order.
12.3 All payments are held by until the work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction before being released to the translator. Translators can also be assured that they will receive payment for their work since will only instruct them to begin work once the customer has confirmed payment.

13.What should customers do if they lose their translated files and would like to download the file from again?

Answer: Every completed file is kept in the system so the customer can download their work by clicking on the order menu.

14.What should customers do if they have any questions or require more information?

Answer: Customers can contact us easily

14.1 Via the text message box of customer service

14.2 By telephone: 042-076-773 , 093-397-4214

14.3 By email: