Regulations Translation Service



Regulations Translation

As the result of Thailand’s integration into the ASEAN community, many organizations need to have their regulations and policies translated into English, the working language of all ASEAN nations, to support better cooperation and labor immigration. Additionally, any company doing business in foreign countries will require translations in order to ensure the efforts and dealings of subsidiaries are in line with the policies and directives of management/headquarters in the home country.

As such, we would like to offer our regulations translation service, from a team with a wealth of experience doing high quality work in translating specialized forms of documents. Our team is able to translate regulations correctly, in accordance with the original document and in a timely manner. Any translated regulations or documents will maintain the objectives and regulations set forth by your company. Just rely on our service and follow the following steps:

An important advantage of our service is our expert translators, who are based around Thailand and available 24 hours per day, every day. Because of the large number of our translators, customers can be confident that they will be able to select the best translator for their work at a reasonable price and specified due date.

The easiest way to order

1. Upload files required for translation to the system, which supports many kinds of file formats, including jpg / pdf / doc /docx /exl

2. Select the translator(s) after receiving bids

3. Confirm the work and pay the fee, which can be done in a variety of ways