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Chinese Registration of Legitimizing of Child Translation with Legalization Services


Our translation center would like to present Chinese Registration of Legitimizing of Child Translation by our special language translation expert. In addition, we provide Legalization services for the translation of documents for Visas or the Consulate, including all legalized documents for Visa submission to the Consulate.

Registration of Legitimating of Child is a document that a father will register in order to legitimize the child as his legitimate child. The father shall submit the request by having the mother and child as people who give consent, and it shall be certified that the legitimizing of the child is his legal child in accordance to the law.

For Registration of Legitimizing of Child Translation, the translator shall have good knowledge and understanding of the document, and shall be able to spell correct translated names in every alphabet, such as: Thai, English or Chinese, especially Chinese as letters are in Chinese form, and some government agencies require Thai or English translation. In this case, we need Pin Yin letters to translate Chinese names, and any name shall be spelled correctly as it is written in the passport, in order to make it convenient in document operation and reduce complexity in self-identification of the person who has their name on a Registration of Legitimizing of Child Form นั่นเอง

Our translation team understands this problem well, and we are ready to serve you all for Chinese Registration of Legitimizing of Childtranslation, because we know that these documents are very important. Therefore, this is the answer for many of you who need to translate Registration of Legitimizing of Child, or any other government translation with quality, timeliness, and legalized by our experts within our company.

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We guarantee your satisfaction concerning our translation work, and that it is legalized by our experts so it can be practically used.

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