Chinese identification card and passport translation with legalization services



Chinese identification card and passport translation with legalization services


Our translation center would like to present the Identification card and passport translation service by a special language translation expert. We can also provide a legal certification of accuracy service for the translated document for Visa applications or Consular visits, including all legalized documents for Visa submission to a consulate or embassy.

It is common knowledge that China is an intensely nationalistic country. For this reason, English is not generally used in the country, even though it is held as a worldwide standard. Nevertheless, Chinese primarily use the native language for contact with governmental agencies because there are few Chinese people who can read and write English. This makes it more obvious that we need documents translated into Chinese when filing them in various agencies or government departments of China.

Identification cards and passports are important documents that are necessary and often required for identification, especially when traveling to foreign countries such as China. In China, Identification cards and passports must also be translated into Chinese to make it easier for any operations or emergency cooperation when an unexpected situation occurs.

Our translation team understands the problems faced by translation customers and are ready to provide services for identification card (ID) and passport translation because we know that these documents are important. Therefore, we are the answer for those who need translations of identification cards, passports or translations for other identification documents with quality, timeliness and legal certification of accuracy from experts at a trustworthy company.

We guarantee your satisfaction on translation work, which can then be legally certified for accuracy by our experts, so it can be used immediately for any purpose.

* We also have a document submission service to the Embassy for customers who do not have time to file on their own. We are the best choice, filling your translation and legalization service needs for any type of document, with the convenience of transfer directly to the customer. When you come here, we guarantee that you get more than what you pay.

“Quality, timeliness and affordable prices are assured”

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