Urgent! all languages Freelance translators recruitment! start your work immediately!


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urgent! all languages Freelance translators recruitment! start your work immediately!

1. If you are the one who loves translation work.

2. If you are the one who has expertise in translating any of the following languages:

  • Thai Translation
  • English Translation
  • Lao Translation
  • Cambodian Translation
  • Japanese Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Vietnamese Translation
  • Indian (Hindi) Translation
  • Malaysian Translation (Malay)
  • French Translation
  • Arabic Translation
  • German Translation
  • Spanish Translation

3. If you are the one who loves providing high quality work for others who need help in translation.

4. If you want to have a career as a translator or if you want to be a freelance translator.

Pasa24 is your answer!

1. We will provide you with a translation system.

2. We will create the translation market for you.

3. We will be responsible for all payments for translation work.

And you can

1. Talk to/contact your customers through the system by yourself.

2. Propose your bid and report the project duration and deadline.

3. Postpone the job/lengthen your translation period (if necessary).

4. Receive your translation fees on the 1st and 15th of every month;completed work which customers have already received shall be paid within the mentioned date.

Qualifications of translators

1. Have your bachelor"s degree or above in any field of languages or specific fields such as:

  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Medical Sciences
  • Economics, etc.

2. Love translating documents, have a strong sense of responsibility and willingness to serve.

3. Have at least 2 years’ experience in translation, and be able to provide sample translations which can include short articles or books.

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