Translation service for transcripts and certification of study results



Translation service for transcripts and certification of study results

People have different aspirations, but one common factor that is very important is education. Many people want to increase their knowledge. They are motivated to continue studying at higher levels in order to apply knowledge in their careers or for future progress. At times, applying to study in foreign institutions requires that your documents be translated into foreign languages. For example, in cases of applying for admission to a renowned international institution, visiting, training, etc., all documents that have to be translated into foreign languages must be accurate and certified for translation by a person or organization with a standard of credibility and trust.

Educational transcripts are like the ticket to higher learning or higher salary. It provides detailed evidence that a student has completed a field of study in various branches. Transcripts show the courses taken and the grades given. This information is of paramount importance to apply for jobs or for applications to study, also for capital institutions domestically and outside the country.

Certification of study results are also significant evidence that participants have graduated from university and a source of pride for a graduated person. Moreover, it is a source of competitive advantage when applying for a job or to further studies.

Our translation center recognizes the importance of every detail of a document that we provide a translation for, which shall always be of quality, on time and completely accurate for content.

We not only provide translated transcripts and certification of study results from English to Thai or Thai to English. We also offer Certificate of Name Change Registration, Certificate of Surname Change Registration translations from Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. For every translation task, we guarantee satisfaction and legalization services from experts in the translation field so that your document can be applied to any purpose immediately.

Pasa24is the best solution for your translation tasks with certified translations for all types to reduce the inconvenience or risk of getting a translation without quality standards and no certification guarantee for the accuracy of the translation task. You can easily activate service with our team of translators who specialize in translations of Certificate of Name Change Registration, Certificate of Surname Change Registration documents with legalization services for consular authorities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other authorities.

High-quality translation is a step towards success

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