Translation and legalization service for official documents



Translation of official documents for filing to consulate or embassy

Welcome to the translation center and legalization service where you can order work online 24 hours per day and has return delivery to customers with fast, affordable and quality work. Official documents that we provide translation services for include:

- Translation service for house registration documents and ID cards

- Translation service for driver’s licenses

- Translation service for birth certificates / death certificates

- Translation service for Certificate of Name Change / Marriage license / Divorce Certificate

- Translation service for Diploma certificate / Graduate certificate

We also provide translations for business documents including:

- Translation service for company certificates, company objectives, Memorandums of Association

and minutes of meeting

- Translation service for balance sheets, income statements and multiple types of income tax

-Translation service for various in-house documents and forms for your company

Why should you choose us for your translation tasks and document legalization? Here are several good reasons:

- We are a leading translation company in the industry. In addition, we have a wide network of

professional translators with various backgrounds and many years of experience. We stand ready to

support all types of translation jobs with quick service.
- We have a professional team that is ready to receive documents to translate as soon as you upload files

to our system. They can be translated and sent back to you with completed translations as quickly as


- We provide translation services in other major languages, such as Thai –English, Chinese

Japanese and Korean.
- We deliver documents via EMS to customers free of charge, nationwide. We will provide the customer

with an EMS tracking # so customers can immediately know when sending is complete. For charges,

We estimate prices for translation service only once, no charge!

* We provide services for legalization of documents for submission to the Department of Consular Affairs and various embassies in Thailand. This is convenient for customers who do not have time to apply for certification documents or do not know where to complete such service. We are the best choice available for translation of documents until the document has been filed with a submission. Call us to provide one-stop service. Come here for all your translation needs.

**We have services for legalization of documents for filing with the Department of Consular Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which manages everything related.

For more details, please contact 093-397-4214.
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