Translate House Registration to Japanese



Translate House Registration to Japanese


A house registration is a required Official Document when entering Japan to work, or for vacation purposes for long time. A house registration is an Official Document which proves a Person’s Identification.

Our company provides a translation service for translating a House Registration into Japanese. Our professional translators who translate House Registrations have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at N2 Level, or above.

In addition, our translators can translate House Registrations into Japanese very quickly, as they are available for 24 hours.

Our company also offers a service for Document Authentication at the Embassy. Our customers are ensured that the content of a translated version of their House Registration translated by our high quality translators will be exactly the same as the original one.

If you wish to have your Japanese document translated into Thai, you can attach a file and send an email to, or directly attach the file to our system. Our Japanese translators are available to offer a price immediately. For more information, please call (+66)93-397-4214.

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