Educational document translation into Japanese



Educational document translation into Japanese with prompt service and reasonable prices


Ideal Partner Group Ltd., Part. has been a leading company in Japanese translation for many years. We have been trusted by a wide range of customers from all business sectors, including government and private. We offer Japanese translation service including educational documents, official documents, legal documents, hotel and tourism websites, industrial websites, computer websites etc. In addition, we provide a document authentication service, visa service, consulate liaison service and other certificates required for visa submission to the consulate.

Educational documents are essential documents representing academic standing. These documents are significantly important when applying for jobs, furthering studies or applying for scholarships both inside and outside of the country. We translate academic documents such as transcripts of records, graduation certificates, degree certificates and letters for scholarship applications. If these documents are translated effectively and literally with accurate content, it becomes more convenient when applying for jobs that match the subject.

Our team offers a translation service to translate academic documents from Japanese to Thai or other languages such as English, Chinese or Korean. We also provide document approval by experienced translators who have been in the translation field for more than ten years. Our translation team has qualified staff members and provides translation service with excellence in mind to assist customers who need translated official documents for visa submission or other reasons.

Privileges for our customers

- We provide service with a focus on satisfaction and have a control system to ensure that customers get their translated versions on time.

- Our Japanese translation service is operated by experienced Japanese translators who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at N2 Level or above, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality work.

- We have a professional management system so we can offer prices quickly to suit our customers’ needs.

- We have a team to deal with documents at the embassy so it is quicker to submit document authentication and translation at the same time.

“Our translation service is centered on ‘quality, punctuality and satisfaction’. No matter who you are or how difficult your documents, just choose Ideal Partner Group Ltd., Part. as your assistant and you will see that we are ready to support you with your accomplishments.”

If you wish to have your Japanese document translated into Thai, you can attach a file and send it via email to or upload a file to the system directly. Our Japanese translators are available to offer a price immediately. For more information, please call (+66) 93-397-4214.