Interest expression/vocabs from George Floyd case

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Today interesting vocabs from George Floyd case

Video Sources: Never-before-seen video of George Floyd played in Derek Chauvin trial GMA

1. incident from every angle reliving those moments


relive (v.) something to experience something again, especially in your imagination

2. never-before-seen videos of George Floyd's arrest


never-before-seen (adj.) never be seen before

3. first bystanders on the scene


bystanders (n.) a person who sees something that is happening but is not involved

4. Floyd was taken away by ambulance


take away (phrasal verb) to bring from, to remove, to make disappear

5. Because he's a sizable guy


sizable (adj.) fairly large

6. He was taught to hold this maneuver


maneuver (n.) a movement performed with care and skill

7. he is extremely still almost limp


limp (adj.) having no strength or energy

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