Guideline for Ph.D - Tips # 1

Here is briefly the guideline on how to start doing Ph.D.

  1. Process Involved
  • You should select the modules (statistics, research methodology, etc.)
  • Write-up Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Literature Review-Thorough), Chapter 3 (Research Methodology), Chapter 4 (Research Findings & Discussion) and Chapter 5 (Conclusions & Recommendations)
  • Prior to vetting-finish chapter 1, 2 and 3 (*Important)
  • Clear on your study and research methodology
  • Continuous supervision
  • Collecting Data/Analysis
  • Writing
  • Draft & final draft submission
  • Vivo Voce
  • Correction (Resubmission)
  • Final copy
(Note: you can expect changes to your thoughts/texts/and even to your topic until the time of your viva voce. Be prepared and be open and receptive

2. Proposal Defense / Viva

  • Proposal defense-Realignment happens.
  • Clarity & synchronization of a research questions/research objectives/research hypothesis-if all makes total sense.
  • Vivo voce-internal and external examiners
  • General problems: Clarity of RQ/RH/RO, problem statement, aim, scope and research methodology (not rigorous), data collection and statistical analyses

3. Important Note

  • Selecting the topic (take time)
  • Narrowing down
  • Reading-articles
  • Journal should be up-to-date (reasonable number of years-working back and be current!)
  • Separate folders of articles/references/details and filing
  • Habit of getting into writing
  • Statistical knowledge-interpretation

* Good Luck! See you next article *